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Watch The Walking Dead OnlineWatch The Walking Dead Online at CouchTuner . Rick Grimes is walking around a gas station near in the parking lot looking for fuel for the car he finds . He stumble a young girl walking with her toy in the street nearby the gasoline station who turns out to be dead walking zombie. As soon as he notices it , he took his gun and shoots her in the head as she walks near him. The show then flashes back to when he is shot critically near the heart in a vicious fire fight and slips deep into a coma. After serveral days he later awakens in an abandoned hospital to find a world where the dead walks the street. Grimes heads to his house , only to discover that his wife Lori and their young son Carl have disappeared. He is upset and delusional but encounters a father and son, Morgan and Duane Jones, who have holed up in a neighbor’s house on Rick’s street. Watch The Walking Dead Online . The Walking Dead streaming

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